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Top 4 Uses of AI For Digital Marketers in 2023

Digital marketers are now being divided into two groups: those who embrace artificial intelligence and those who reject it.

Can you guess which group is getting better results?

AI is not designed to replace marketers, but rather to help them be more effective and more efficient at their work.

Below we review the best uses for AI that marketers can take advantage of to become 10x more productive.

Let’s get started.

1)  Using AI for SEO

Ever since ChatGPT got released in November people started to get worried that websites would become much less important, and SEO would be meaningless.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

All of the information that AI uses to produce text is all derived from what it has learned by studying the content throughout the internet.

AI tools help marketers rank their website content higher on Google by giving them SEO-optimized titles, descriptions, and metadata, as well as even helping them generate the text itself similar to ChatGPT.

Since Google’s page ranking system is ran by artificial intelligence, AI tools have a deep understanding of what will work best when it comes to your content.

5 ways AI can help improve your Google SEO:

1. Unlock potential growth opportunities with comprehensive keyword research.

2.Utilize SERP research to generate comprehensive outlines that will help drive traffic and increase visibility.

3.Generate engaging, polished content in record time!

4.Outwit content decay and breathe life back into your older pieces by optimizing them!

5.Create blog titles and meta descriptions rapidly by leveraging automation.

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2.  Using AI To Write Your Blog Posts

In the past, crafting blog posts could consume several hours, or even days. However, AI blog creation tools can generate blog content within seconds.

While you may need to tweak a few sentences to add a personal touch, a significant portion of the produced blog content is exceptionally well-written and can be challenging to differentiate from human-written content.

4 Ways AI Helps Blog Writers:

  1. Generate trending content ideas
  2. Generate SEO-optimized content outlines
  3. Generate both long and short-form content
  4. Write about things your competitors missed

As previously mentioned, the content generated with AI may require fact-checking and minor editing by a human team member, but this task should only take a few minutes.

Moreover, many AI tools feature plagiarism detectors, ensuring content quality and shielding against penalties imposed by the Google algorithm.

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3) Using AI For Social Media

Social media managers understand that social media platforms’ performance algorithms and best practices are ever-evolving, making it tedious to generate numerous new captions for each platform.

Luckily, AI content tools provide not only caption suggestions but also create corresponding images that complement the post’s text.

This incredibly valuable feature is acknowledged by social media managers globally for saving them time searching throughout Google images for the perfect picture.

It has only been 5 months since ChatGPT took the world by storm and made AI mainstream, but the most savvy of marketers have already started to utilize AI to its full potential and boost sales.

Don’t get left behind in this new era of innovation. Technology doesn’t wait for anyone and this industry moves especially fast.



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